Stranger Things 3 Ending – What Happen to Hopper? – Spoilers

First off I want to say that there are spoilers ahead, so be warned. If you continue reading and haven’t watched Stranger Things 3, you might get upset.

Now that that is out of the way we can continue.

First off this will not be a complete rundown on the season or even the last episode. This post is about what happened to Hopper in the last few minutes of the last episode of season three. Hopper was fighting the Russian machine man and threw him into the large laser looking device that the Russians were using to open the doorway to the upside down. The “laser” blew up again and put an energy wall up so Hopper couldn’t walk through. He nodded to Joyce Byers (Winona Ryder) to turn the key and blow the “laser” Up. Doing that would completely disintegrated everything around that small area of the “laser” The Camera pans out, and it shows the laser blows up.

Most people are saying the Hopper dies then and the show ends with everything thinking he is dead and L being upset after reading a letter he wrote. The end credits show Russia and more experiments. They say once Not the American.

Ok, when he nodded to Joyce the camera pans to her, and she turns the key and a wide shot, like I already said, of the “laser” blowing up. I want you all to get this in your mind real good. It never showed Hopper standing there after he nods. She has her eyes closed when turning the key because she doesn’t want to see Hopper die.

What happened, according to me and I feel I am right, is he jumps somewhere, probably where the doorway is being opened and doesn’t get blown away. The Russians get him, and he is the America they are talking about.

He isn’t dead and will be back in the next Stranger Things 3.

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